About Us

Martinis & Mink is all about living everyday with elegance, glamour, and grace.  Hi I’m Dana Carl.  Welcome to Martinis & Mink.

One of my earliest memories is standing in the toy aisle looking up at the plastic toy high heels, and thinking to myself…”this isn’t really what I want, but I could pretend they are and make it work”.  What I really  wanted was marabou trimmed high heel slippers, and a beautiful silk peignoir like the glamorous women I had seen in the movies…but I was three.  So there I stood in the toy aisle dreaming of what I wanted to be, and facing the reality of what I was.  Knowing well, even at three, that there was no way I could share this dream with my parents. I begged for the toy high heels, keeping my secret fantasy to myself.  God bless my mother, she bought them for me.  I rushed home, and slipped my feet into those plastic high heels, paired with my strawberry shortcake nightgown, and pretended that I was a glamorous lady living in an elegant chateau.  I was so happy.

My point is, there are certain things that make you who you are that you are just born with.  It’s just the way you are wired.  My mother said that at birth one of the first things I stared at in the hospital was the vase of roses my father had given her.  Fresh out of the womb I was drawn to the roses, I still love roses.  There are fundamental things that make us who we are. That brings us to the age old question. What shapes who we become in life, is it nature or is it nurture?  It was not all nature.  In my case, there was plenty of nurture that amplified the patterns that were there inherently.

I have a picture of myself wrapped in fur.  I was 18 months old.  Picture an 18 month old wrapped in fur like a tiny movie star.  Then there is the picture of me in a yellow dress, matching hat, and white gloves…I think I was 4.  Yes, my mother is the original Queen Bee.  She was determined that I was going to grow up as a proper little princess, white gloves and all.  I learned early how to be a lady and mind my manners.  I learned about napkins in my lap and which fork to use.  She taught me that the mark of a truly well-made garment is shown in the seams.  If it is a plaid or print it must match at the seams…she ruined me for life.  The devil is in the details.  It is so true.

This type of upbringing, paired with my own thought patterns, really created the person I am today. Fresh flowers still make my soul happy.  I still love the look and feel of a wonderfully made garment.  I love my red marabou heels (yes I finally have the real thing).  I love an elegantly presented meal because it elevates any recipe.  I love striving to live a more graceful elegant life.  More importantly, I accomplish this without compromising my financial stability.  You see… grace isn’t expensive.  Glamour isn’t expensive.  Elegance isn’t expensive.  It’s all a state of mind.  I hope that you will share in my journey, and let me share in yours as well.  I hope you enjoy our little world, and all that is Martinis & Mink.