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Fast Fix Friday – Cherry Cobbler

Welcome to Fast Fix Friday.  Today’s Triple F Cherry Cobbler is going to blow your mind it is so fast to fix. It’s an all American dessert favorite.  There are only three ingredients. Yes three.  This dish is one that I have whipped together when I got invited to an impromptu bonfire. I used it as a bereavement dish to deliver to a grieving family. I’ve served it at family dinners, taken it to barbecues, fish fry’s, and carry in’s.  Basically, it’s something that I always have the ingredients on the ready in my pantry.

Everywhere, I have taken it or served it, the dish has gotten rave reviews. This particular version I made with cherries. However, I have made it with peach and it was really good too. I think it is all up to you, your imagination, and personal preference. I have also not had a yellow mix on hand, and used a white mix in a pinch. That was perfectly fine too. I did think though that the white cake mix made the dish have a little more of a sugary taste. For my personal tastes, I really prefer using the yellow mix. OK now let’s get started.

Fast Fix Friday Cherry Cobbler

The three ingredients are:

1 Large can of cherry pie filling or 2 small cans (or peaches in syrup when I made that version)

1 Yellow cake mix

1 Stick of butter – chilled

Preheat your oven to 350 degrees F. This recipe is so fast that you will be waiting for the oven to get to temp. Grease your 9×13 pan. Once your pan is greased, pour in the pie or fruit filling. Make sure that the fruit is distributed evenly in the bottom. Open the cake mix and pour it in an even layer over the fruit. Now, what I like to do, is take my stick of butter and make a cut down the middle length wise. Then, I make little cuts spaced apart across the width. In essence I just cube the butter, but that is the method I like to use to do it. Seems to work well for me. Then, I take the little cubes of butter, and I evenly drop them all over the top of the cake mix. Now you are ready to bake. Bake your cobbler until its golden brown on the top. I would say about 35 minutes, but you will just have to eyeball it to be sure. When it is done take it out and let it cool.

It probably seems too good to be true that something so simple can be so good, but I promise it will be a little bit of heaven. Really decadent. I have people request that I make this cobbler all the time, but I don’t tell them how simple it is…that’s our secret. So until next time…eat dessert first, stay sweet, and above all stay glamorous.


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