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Fast Fix Friday – Portable S’mores

Welcome to another Fast Fix Friday! Today our fast fix recipe is portable s’mores. This is super easy and it is super fun. Children and adults alike will like this little sugary bit of deliciousness. I don’t know about you, but I really love s’mores. They really take me back to my childhood. My grandparents, and my great aunt and uncle used to camp a lot together. We would go visit their campsite, and sometimes actually camp with them. S’mores were just a camping, campfire staple. I actually remember the first time I ever had a s’more. I mean, lets face it, when you taste something that wonderful you remember it!

I’m sure you already know that the building blocks of a s’more are graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate. This recipe has those same core ingredients just in a different form. Let’s go though the ingredients and materials you will need to make these little wonders. First, you will need sugar or waffle cones. Not the flat on the bottom ice cream cones, but the waffle weave, pointed bottom cones. Next you will need mini marshmallows, and miniature chocolate chips. I prefer milk or semi-sweet chocolate for this recipe, but you can make this with whatever chocolate you like. You will need aluminum foil, and possibly a food torch if you wish to get fancy.

Portable S’mores

1  box of waffle weave sugar ice cream cone

1  package of mini marshmallows

1 package of mini chocolate chips

Sheets of aluminum foil – one for each portable s’more you make

A food torch – this item is not essential but it adds visual appeal

The first step in making these is to figure out how many you would like to assemble and have that many rectangles of aluminum foil ready. Next take a square of the foil and lay a sugar cone in the center of the square. Layer the inside of the cone to the top starting with chocolate chips, then marshmallow, alternating between the two ingredients. Why is starting with the chocolate important? It will serve as a nice base in the bottom of the cone – like an ice cream drumstick. Why use mini chocolate chips and marshmallows? The reason for this is strictly for melt-ability.

Once your cone is full, then wrap the foil around it until it is totally encased by the foil. Now, you are ready to use your heat of choice. I used my grill as I was already grilling the meal, so it made sense. You can use a stove, or a fireplace, or a bonfire. The world is your oyster or in this case your s’more. You call the shots. Depending on the heat source you use your cooking time will vary. The stove will take the longest in bake time, the bonfire will be the shortest. You might want to make a test s’more to see what works best with your heat source.

The last step before serving is optional. You can unwrap the foil around the cone and then use the cooking torch to brown the marshmallows until they look like they have taken a trip to Aruba. After that it’s time to take your cone and walk around! Totally portable and totally awesome!

I hope you like this edition of Fast Fix Friday. Until next time, when life hands you something sweet say please, I would like s’more…and no matter what, in the world of Martini’s and Mink, we always stay glamorous.


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