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Martini Monday – The Ice Princess Martini

Hello, and welcome to another Martini Monday!  Today we are going to make an Ice Princess Martini.  This martini is beautiful, and very yummy.  It’s ice blue color makes it a wonderful winter cocktail.  It is not hard to make and you can serve it various ways.  I prefer mine either shaken and strained into a cocktail glass, or on the rocks (over ice for those of you that aren’t practiced in drinking lingo).  You can also put this in a blender with ice and make a wonderful slush.  That would be a very pretty presentation for a party.  Of course, when drinking this ice blue martini I prefer to be iced up myself with plenty of sparkly jewels.  I’m a little high maintenance though.  Just ask my significant other, he will be happy to fill you in on that subject.

What do you need in preparation for making this martini?  You need Blue Curacao, Vodka (my favorite is Tito’s), Champagne, lemonade, sugar, white soda (like 7 up), a lemon, and ice.  This makes about 4 drinks.

The Ice Princess Martini

1/2 Cup Lemonade (I used Minute Maid for this recipe but I also really love Simply Lemonade)

1/2 Cup White Soda like 7 up (my favorite is Diet Sierra Mist)

1 Cup Champagne

1 Cup Vodka

Ice the amount depends on how you are going to serve it.  1/2 cup if shaken, 1-1 1/2 if on the rocks, 3 cups if blended

1/4 cup sugar

1 lemon sliced

No matter how you plan to serve the Ice Princess you will need to rim the glass with sugar.  Take your sugar and place an even layer onto a flat saucer. Then take the lemon slices and run around the rim of the glass to wet the rim.  Once the rim is dampened evenly press the rim into the sugar.  Once the glass is rimmed with the sugar lightly move the saucer back and forth to evenly redistribute the sugar on the saucer to prepare to rim the next glass.  If you have forgotten to buy the lemons then take a piece of paper toweling folded to fit on a flat saucer and dampen the toweling with either lemonade or water.  This will be effective for preparing the rim for sugar as well.

I chill all liquid ingredients before I use them, but that isn’t something that you have to do.  I just prefer it.  Add your alcohol, lemonade and soda together in a glass pitcher or carafe and stir.  If you are going to serve shaken and strained, you will have to shake one drink at a time, and strain into your martini glass.  If you are going to serve on the rocks add ice to a old fashioned glass and pour from the pitcher over the ice.  To serve as a slush add all the liquid and 3 cups of ice into a blender and blend until a slush consistency.  Serve the slush in a cosmopolitan glass or stemless wine glass for a nice presentation.

This is a really delicious drink, but warning it is a little strong.  It is so yummy it will be easy to drink too much of this drink so just beware.  It is a drink that can sneak up on you.

Until next time…stay icy cool, remind people of the princess that you are… and as always stay glamorous.


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