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Martini Monday – Champagne

Anyone who knows me knows I love champagne.  There is just something about drinking bubbly that makes me a happy girl.  I guess anyone who drinks enough of it will be a happy girl, but seriously, I just love it.  Whenever I hear a bottle uncork I say to my Pomeranian Ella Bear “Oooh Ella that’s the happiest sound on earth”…and it is.  Nothing says let’s celebrate like hearing that pop of a cork.

Now technically, it is only really and truly champagne if the grapes are grown in the Champagne region of France.  All other sparkling wines are just that, wines that have bubbles.  However, most people just use the term champagne for any type of sparkling wine no matter the region of origination.

I like to drink my champagne from a flute or a coupe.  Lately, I’ve really been into coupes.  They just seem more special, and since I really like to be different I’ve been choosing a coupe.  There is actually a rumor about champagne coupes I want to share with you.  We all know that Marie Antoinette loved champagne.  We also know that she loved to throw parties.  I think too, that she was a little on the ornery or cheeky side.  The story goes that Marie had champagne coupes, fashioned after the shape and size of her breasts.  I think it’s kind of funny that she made her guest drink from glasses shaped like her breasts.  I guess if you are queen you call the shots, so why not.

I always have champagne stocked at my house.  I am ready for an impromptu party 24-7.  I actually buy it by the case, so I am completely prepared.  Maybe that is a little obsessive for most people.  Probably so, but I would recommend that you always have a bottle on hand.  It doesn’t have to be Dom for it to be special.  If someone comes by and they have something to celebrate the pop of the cork and the pouring of the bubbly is all that matters.  It’s the ritual of it as much as it is about brand etc.  Well, that’s how I feel about it anyway.

We need rituals in life.  We need celebrations.  I think it’s even more important in today’s world that we stop long enough to mark a special occasion.  Nothing does that better than champagne.  Sometimes my special occasion is that I completed a task that I didn’t want to tackle.  Many times it’s just a celebration of doing my best and making it though my week.  As you can tell I make up things to celebrate, but that’s ok.  There is nothing better than sitting down with a glass of champagne and having some lovely cheese or a really decadent piece of chocolate.  That’s what reminds us we are alive.  So go out and buy some champagne and the party will find you, I promise!  Until next Martini Monday, remember to stop and celebrate your life, and as always….. stay glamorous.

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