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Martini Monday – Lemonade Shake Up

Have you ever gone to a local country fair or festival and had a freshly prepared lemonade shake up?  That wonderful tart lemon and sugar concoction that makes you long for summertime?  How in the world could anything so perfect get any better?  Easy.  Add vodka.

This is my all-time favorite drink to have poolside.  Nothing says summer quite like this.  I must, however, add a disclaimer.  These are so wonderful and so tasty that you can have more than you realize, or they can affect you without really knowing it.  So please be careful OR don’t be careful (my preference), but always be safe.

This is a super easy drink to make.  It requires very few ingredients which is nice, especially when you are making them for a crowded pool party.  Now, you could freshly squeeze your own lemonade.  That would be heavenly.  Or you could be lazy like me.  I prefer the all-natural Simply Lemonade.  This brand actually made The Good Housekeeping list for best store bought lemonades, and with good reason.  I like this brand because the lemonade shakeups that you would get from a festival are very sweet.  This particular brand replicates that taste very well.  I have tried other brands of purchased lemonade and they just DO NOT taste the same.  My recommendation is, if you are not going to make your own from scratch, then purchase this brand.  Also, I need to note that I am not being paid in any way for endorsing this brand it is just my opinion pure and simple.

You will obviously need vodka to make this a grown up shake up.  I like Tito’s and I also really like Grey Goose with this drink.  If you have a preferred vodka then feel free to use that.  I think Absolute would also be really good with this, although I have not taste tested that particular brand with this recipe.

Lastly, you need club soda.  Yes, club soda.  This really makes the drink.  Do not leave this part out or try to sub in a clear soda.  I speak from experience on this.  Please learn from my mistakes.  That’s it.  It’s as simple as that.

I like to use a tall glass for this drink.  It’s just more reminiscent of the original tall glass of lemonade.  First I add ice, then a shot…or a shot and a ½ of vodka to my glass.  Then, I fill the glass maybe ¾ of the way full with lemonade, and finally I top off with the club soda.  I take a cocktail stirrer and make sure it’s mixed well, and then I garnish with sliced lemons.

I love, love, love this drink and I hope you do too.  Until next Martini Monday…Stay sweet, maybe a little bit tart-ish (wink wink), and always remember to stay glamorous.

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