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Martini Monday – Magic Eraser

Welcome to Monday…. Martini Monday!  Today I want to teach you how to make what I like to call a “magic eraser”.  Why do I call it a magic eraser?  Well, because no matter how horrible of a day I have had, I can come home and fix one of these, and magically it erases all those bad thoughts from my mind.  The amount of erasing I guess is dependent on how much vodka you put into it, or how many erasers you decide are needed to do the job.

For me, I love this drink made with Diet Sierra Mist.  However, you may not be able to get that particular soda flavor where you live so please use what is available to you.  I’ve tried it with Diet 7 Up, Diet Sprite, regular 7 up and regular Sprite but nothing quite satisfies my taste buds like Diet Sierra Mist.

My preference in the brand of vodka for this drink is Tito’s vodka.  I have used Absolute which is quite nice as well.  Once, I tried it with Grey Goose, and again, it just didn’t taste right for this drink, in my opinion.  Love Grey Goose, don’t get me wrong, but didn’t like it for this drink.

I also prefer a twist of lime.  I squeeze the extra lime juice into the drink and then plunge the little green piece of citrus heaven into my glass.  In case of emergency though, when I haven’t had time to hit the market, I have had to forgo the lime.  The erasing power works just the same.

I love this drink because it is super simple, very few ingredients, and it tastes great.  The first thing I do is put my ice into my cocktail shaker.  I add my shot of vodka to the shaker.  Next, I pour in my clear soda.  I prefer diet just to try and keep the calories to a minimum, plus I love the taste.  Then I shake, shake, shake, and pour into my glass.  I garnish with my wedge of lime.  Finally, I have reached the moment that I’ve been waiting for…goodbye stressful day…ahhh it’s magically erased.

I have also made this to take on picnics and to pack in a cooler to a BYOB get together.  I just buy the little plastic bottles of soda, pour out a little of the soda, add the vodka, pull a corona move and put the lime in the neck of the bottle, and replace the screw top.  This makes any picnic a whole lot more fun.

Should I find a better solution to erase my stress?  Probably.  I seriously doubt that I could find one as delicious and as fast acting as the magic eraser.  Well, without just going to straight shots, and although probably quite effective, not very elegant.  I hope you enjoy the magic eraser as much as I do.  Until next Martini Monday, erase your stress the old fashioned way, with a cocktail, and remember to stay glamorous.

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  1. My “Magic Eraser” is currently a Diet Squirt, juice of one lime and 2 shots of tequila, shaken with ice, occasionally I will add a bit of Cointreau or Grand Marnier for an added zest. This is the best margarita I have come across, hands down.

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