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Martini Monday – Snap, Crackle, and Pop Shot

As the Mama’s and the Papa’s say it’s “Monday, Monday”.  I’m guessing maybe they had a lot of Martini Monday’s if popular rumors are true.  Today’s Martini Monday is a homage to childhood.  I realize that martinis and childhood don’t really go together.  Well…until now.  I am going to share with you how to make a delicious shot.  The first shot that has ever been featured on a Martini Monday…a snap, crackle, and pop shot.

So what you might ask is a snap, crackle, and pop shot?  Well, first let me ask you this, did you ever eat the popular exploding candy, pop rocks, as a child?  I remember thinking it was so much fun to have your candy entertain you.  Pop rocks were invented in 1961, but they weren’t introduced into the marketplace until 1975.  Groovy right?  Did your parents even let you eat pop rocks?  Surprisingly, the Queen Bee let me have them.  Do you remember the urban legend where Mikey from the Life cereal commercials supposedly died after eating pop rocks?  The rumor was that he ate pop rocks, washed them down with a soda, and his stomach exploded.  We are safe though.  We are mixing ours with alcohol.  Crisis averted.

The first time I had a pop rocks shot I was out celebrating with friends.  Fun night, great drink, and great company.  How could you go wrong?  I promise that when you have these with your friends it will make your party pop.  Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.

What are you going to need to make this shot?  First you will need vodka.  Shocker right?  Me making a drink with vodka??  If you love vodka like me you should check out these other Martini Monday posts:

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Next you will need Triple Sec.  This is an orange liqueur.  You need lime juice, limes, and, of course, pop rocks.  I used strawberry flavored ones.

First, put some ice into your cocktail shaker.  Then add equal parts vodka and triple sec.  You then add about 1 ½ parts lime juice.  Cut your limes into slices and then halve the slice so you have made a lime wedge.  Sprinkle the pop rocks onto the lime wedge to serve alongside the shot.  Strain your shot into your glass.  This recipe makes two shots, because, let’s face it, doing shots alone is not prudent.  You take this shot like you would a tequila shot.  Shot first followed by the pop rock lime wedge.

I hope you enjoy this shot and think it is as much fun as I do.  You just can’t help having fun if you are serving these.  Until next time, make sure life is full of explosive good times, and as always…stay glamorous.

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