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Martini Monday – The Arnold Palmer

Well, it’s another Monday.  Lucky for us it is a Martini Monday!  This Martini Monday we are going to make an Arnold Palmer.  Personally, I didn’t really love them sorry Arnold.  However, my sister liked them and my significant other liked them and a whole lot of other people LOVE them so who am I to deny you this drink to enjoy.  In theory I should love this drink. I’m a fan of tea and a fan of lemonade.  I just thought that I was a person who would rather have a Lemonade Shake Up like the one we did this previous Martini Monday Martini Monday – Lemonade Shake Up.  However, I have to confess that the only time I tried an Arnold Palmer was a pre-made one that you buy in a can.  Well, let me tell you that this recipe is evidence that you just cannot match something freshly made.  I LOVE Arnold Palmer’s!!!!  I just needed to make them myself.  OMG you are so going to love this drink.

Now, some of you might not know how this drink got its name.  Well, first you need to understand just who Arnold Palmer is and why would he have a drink named after him.  First he is a legend in the golf world.  His success and charisma earned him the nickname “The King”.  He was really the first television sports God and his reign started in the 1950’s.  Throughout his career he had 95 professional wins and 26 amateur wins, and is credited with bringing the sport of golf to the masses.  Anyway, this man was basically the rock star of the golf world.  Golf lost their king in 2016.

Given all this you can easily see why this man has a drink carrying his name.  Just like we equate peanut butter and bananas to Elvis “The King” we equate a sweet tea and lemonade drink to Arnold “The King”.  One day in 1960 Arnold was overheard ordering his special drink and by the way his version was nonalcoholic.  A lady that was at the bar stated that she wanted to order “that Palmer drink”.  This scenario was repeated in other golf and country clubs across the country until people just dubbed the drink the Arnold Palmer.  He actually would order it three parts of unsweetened tea and one part lemonade, but others preferred equal parts tea and lemonade and that became known as a half and half.

Sooo let’s get to it!  This is my version of the Arnold Palmer.  I brewed some tea and I sweetened mine with stevia.  I have to confess that I did not squeeze lemons to make my lemonade.  I used frozen concentrate.  It is well known that my favorite vodka is Tito’s, so that is what I used, but please use whatever one is your favorite.  I made this in a highball glass, because I just think it looks “swinging” cool like the 1950’s-1960’s.  I added ½ a cup of my sweet tea to the glass.  Then, I mixed in my ¼ cup of lemonade.  To this I added a shot of vodka and stirred it well.  Then I filled my glass with ice.  I have to tell you that all my ingredients were cold.  The tea, the lemonade and even the vodka was chilled.  Anyway, then I just couldn’t wait to drink it.  It is just so darn good.

I think that you could have so much fun with this.  I think you could serve it at a mad men themed party, or, of course, a golf themed party.  That’s a no brainer.  I hope whenever you make it you say a little toast to the man himself and thank him for the wonderful creation that bears his name.  Until next time if life gives you lemons, squeeze them and add tea…and as always stay glamorous.

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