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Martini Monday – The Screwdriver

Today’s Martini Monday features the one and only screwdriver.  This is a really good drink to have in your “toolbox”.  The screwdriver, is for me, the first mixed drink that I remember knowing about as a child.  I don’t recall really anyone I know drinking one, but none the less I knew what it was early on.  I also think that it was probably the first mixed drink I ever tried as a kid.  Probably because it doesn’t have very many ingredients, and the ingredients are very easy to acquire.

I would say that if you asked most people to name off a list of mixed drinks the screwdriver would make most lists.  When did the screwdriver come into existence and why in the world is it called a screwdriver?  Well, according to my research, the drink first shows up in print in 1938.  Some think it was invented by American flyers.  That is a very romantic version of how this drink was invented.  It involves people defending our country, and who wouldn’t like that version of the history of this beverage.  However, I think that the next version of the evolution of the drink makes a little more sense.  Supposedly, years ago, obviously before 1938, American men working in the oil fields in the Persian Gulf wanted to have a little something special in their morning juice while on the job.  There was no way to mix the two as they had no spoons, so they stirred the drink with their screwdrivers.  No matter the true origin of the drink it is definitely one that has stood the test of time.  I think in part because it is so simple to make.

There are only two ingredients in this cocktail.  Vodka…my favorite, and orange juice.  This is how I made my screwdriver.  First, I filled a high ball glass with ice.  I did not chill my glass, however, I would suggest that you do.  It just makes a drink better.  I will say that all my other ingredients were chilled.  To my glass I added 1 ½ ounces of vodka.  As you know, my favorite vodka is Tito’s, but I’ve used Absolute and Grey Goose and there isn’t really a bad way to go with this.  To my vodka I added 3/4 of a cup of orange juice.  I prefer orange juice with no pulp, but if you are a pulp lover…go for it.  I also sliced an orange for garnish and right before I was ready to drink it I plunged this little wheel of citrus goodness into the glass.  Now, maybe it is my mind just playing with me, but I swear it just adds a bit of freshness to the drink.  Speaking of freshness, if you are an orange juice purist and you want to squeeze your own, then by all means do, because that would be amazing.  Unfortunately, it’s all about the vodka for me and I guess I’m too impatient to wait that long.  If you would like to come over and squeeze the oranges for me I would be happy to drink it that way.  Otherwise, it’s going to come from the grocery store.  If you love vodka drinks like I do you might want to check out these other Martini Monday posts:

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This would be great to serve at a brunch especially if you are on a budget.  There are few ingredients and the ingredients are not expensive.  If you do choose to do that, don’t skip the garnish.  It adds a lot of flair for not a lot of money.  I hope you enjoy this classic cocktail.  Until next time, remember some things in life are best kept simple, and as always remember to stay glamorous.

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