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Trending Tuesday – 70’s Chairs Makeover

I’m sure that most of you can relate to a recent dilemma.  My significant other inherited these 1970’s chairs with cane sides from his grandmother.  I totally understand why they are important to him.  It’s like a little piece of his childhood every day in our living room.  Except, they are ugly.  I looked at these chairs for years and thought man would I like to get my hands on those.  I would paint the legs, the frame, the cane, and re-upholster them.  They would still be grandma’s chairs…only better.   However, I knew that if I valued my life, or at least a roof over my head, I better not completely change the chairs.

Like every sneaky redecorating plan I’ve ever had it starts with the s/o going out of town on business.  Then the Queen Bee comes over, and it’s on like Donkey Kong.  We go to work like bees in a hive which is appropriate with the QB in the house.

This time I had to be a little creative.  What could I do to the chairs to make them a little bit more modern yet still let them be his grandmother’s chairs?  They are way dated.  Something right out of the 70’s.  Harvest gold velvet.  You can’t get much more 70’s than that.  Cue what my sister and I call the wackadoo guitar music.  You know the music where the lead guitar makes that wacka, wacka, wacka, sound.  I swear every time I looked at those chairs that music started to play in the background.  The solution I came up with was to keep the chair basically the way it was (because I didn’t want to lose my life over these chairs), but pretty them up with accessories.

I bought these two velvet ladies some bling to cover their buttons in the tufting on the chair back.  Also, I purchased some fabric to recover the seats that were more than a little thread barren.  Finally, I found some metal signage that said “love”, which is exactly what these two chairs needed …a LOT of love.

First, I laid the chairs on their backs so that I could glue the bling over the buttons and left them in that position until the glue dried.

Then the QB revved up her sewing machine and went to work on the chair cushion covers.  She also made some throw pillows to match.  Once the glue was dried on the button covers I stood the ladies back up on their feet and grabbed the metal love signs.  I used a curved upholstery needle and whip stitched the signs in the middle of the back of the chairs.

Once the Queen Bee was done with her seat cushions and pillows we put those back in and the ladies were now done with their makeover.

Obviously, my shenanigans didn’t get me killed by my s/o because I’ve lived to share the story with you.  I can’t say as he was really happy about it.  If I said he was happy I would be fibbing, but he didn’t hate it either.  Most everyone else that sees them says they like them.  Especially the love signs on the back, which was probably the easiest part.  I do love those, but I think my favorite part of this makeover is the bling on the buttons.  It just really dressed the chairs up and made them not so 70’s looking, in my opinion.  Until next time, remember to refurbish, remember things are always better with a little bling, and as always remember to stay glamorous.

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