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Trending Tuesday – Aging Like a Perennial

People say women should embrace getting older, and I believe that…to an extent. My grandmother, Marjorie, who was a very wise and wonderful woman, once told me that even in her 80’s, she still felt so young inside.  Yet, when she caught her reflection, she thought “who is that old woman”. I hear you grandma. I get it. So much of the wisdom that she tried to pass on to me, well, it just took actually living it to truly understand.

I, too, feel very young inside. Then I see my reflection or a picture of myself, and I think “wow that was unexpected”. However, if given the choice, I wouldn’t go back in time either.  Life isn’t always easy. When I reflect on each stage of life that I’ve experienced, I have always needed the lessons that I learned during that time.  I needed those lessons to face the next phase.  I’ve learned so much from those experiences, but I have so very much left to learn.

I had a milestone birthday recently, and I’m not going to share the number with you (because a lady never tells).  I will tell you, quite honestly, that it packed a bit of a sting. Our society is so youth obsessed, and there is such a double standard when it comes to aging in our culture.  Men get more distinguished as they age, while ladies… well we just get old.   Totally unfair and also totally untrue.  Anyway, back to the birthday…yeah… wasn’t an easy one.  I usually don’t let that scare me or make me feel uneasy.  This time was different.  This time it just sounded OLD.

Then, I happened to read an article about a group of women they are calling perennials. The definition of perennial is lasting or existing for a long or apparently infinite time.  These are women who are just as sexy and as vital as their younger counterparts. They dress as contemporary as women who are much younger, they appeal to a wide range of men and a wide range of ages.  They are valued for all that they bring to the table.  They have wisdom that comes with age, and a sexiness that comes with life experience.  They are defying old stereotypes, and re-defining what it is to be a woman of a “certain age” in our society.  This group of women don’t let a number define them. They approach life as if they are ageless.  If I have to chronologically age, and let’s face it, we all do, I choose to do it on my own terms. I am not going to let an arbitrary number dictate my self-worth, or how the world gets to perceive me. Why, if given the choice, would you ever be an annual, when you could be a perennial? Until next time stay vital, stay timeless, stay sexy, and above all…stay glamorous.

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