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Trending Tuesday – Atlantic City and the Miss America Pageant

Congratulations!  You made it through Monday and we can celebrate with a Trending Tuesday.  This Trending Tuesday I want to share with you about my recent trip to Atlantic City.  I traveled to Atlantic City to watch the Miss America Pageant.  I had never been to Atlantic City, so that in itself was fun just visiting a new place.

Before I get into talking with you about the pageant, I would like to tell you about the boardwalk.  Like most people, I have heard about the boardwalk in Atlantic City, and saw it featured on television shows.  Actually, being there is a totally different experience.  The boardwalk is lined with restaurants, casinos, fortune tellers, massage parlors, and gift shops.  It is certainly a great place to people watch.  The best iced tea I’ve ever had (and I am a tea snob) was at a place on the boardwalk called Bungalow.  It was raining the day I stopped by there, but the outdoor seating was really beachy.  All white and turquoise.  In a perfect world, I would have been sitting outside with the ocean breeze caressing my hair, the sun kissing my face, sipping that wonderful iced tea.

Fabulous iced tea at Bungalow on the boardwalk

There is beach access right across from the restaurant.  I love the beach so that was a real treat for me.

A view of the beach from the boardwalk

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I stayed at the Tropicana Casino which is right on the boardwalk.   There are several restaurants and gift shops in the casino.  One night I visited a club in the casino called Boogie Nights.  It was a really fun club that played 70‘s and 80’s dance music.  Picture a vibe that was studio 54 meets a go go bar.  The night I was there they were holding the “Cougars Ball”.  All women over 40 and men from 21-29 paid no cover charge.  At the end of the night they crowned the Queen Cougar and the King Cub.  As you can imagine, that night was full of fun.

Aside from all that, there was the reason I actually made the trip.  The Miss America Pageant.  Oh yeah, they don’t call it a pageant anymore.  It’s now a competition.  State titleholders are no longer called contestants they are now referred to as competitors.  The logo no longer looks like a crown, but more like chevrons going in all directions.  There is no more swimsuit competition, and evening gown is kind of optional…wear a pantsuit if you would like.  The sashes will no longer say Miss America on it, nor will there be the word miss in front of the state being represented.  Do I sound less than impressed?  Well, I am, much less.  I believe in changing things to become more relevant.  I disagree with changing everything at once.

I also believe that instead of asking contestants, um I mean competitors and the state delegations for their input, they reacted to people who have no pageant experience.  For instance, a person on the outside looking in might see swimsuit competition as sexist and demeaning.  However, it is my experience, that most competitors feel that the swimsuit part of the pageant is the most empowering.  It isn’t about judging a person on what their body is lacking, it’s about being totally confident and beautiful in your own skin, no matter your size.  Perfection isn’t attainable, it isn’t about that.  It is about being your best and loving yourself.

Ticket sales reflected the opinions of pageant people.  I didn’t speak to one person that was in favor of these changes and ticket sales reflected that.  In my opinion, they are making all these changes to appease people who don’t attend pageants anyway, and therefore, don’t buy tickets.  Luckily, they have a scapegoat to blame poor tickets sales on and that is Miss America 2018 Cara Mund.  Cara spoke out against the current administration and her perceptions of her reign.  She felt that they tried to stifle her.

Cara in the “Show Us Your Shoes Parade”

I don’t know if that is true.  What I can tell you is that she sat in the crowd on pageant night only participating during her 60 second farewell speech, and the crowing of Miss America 2019.  In case you don’t know that was Miss New York (I mean just New York),  she was phenomenal and will be a great representative.

Although I am not a fan of Miss America 2.0 (yes, they are calling it that *eye-roll*).  I still am in favor of what this organization does for all the amazing young women that compete.  They are the best of the best.  They are bright, well rounded. amazingly beautiful women, who will lead us into the future, and they will do it all in high heels.

Until next time, walk through the world with your head held high so everyone can see the queen that you are, and as always stay glamorous.

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