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Trending Tuesday – China Cabinet Makeover


Welcome to another Trending Tuesday.  Today I am going to tell you about my DIY project, a china cabinet makeover.  If anything needed a makeover this china cabinet was it.  It came to live at my house when my significant other’s Aunt and Uncle moved west.  The cabinet didn’t move west with them.  It was an ok cabinet.  Believe me, I was pleased to have it.  I was just starting out and trying to set up a household.  The Queen Bee had just given me the china that I had inherited, and I also am a sucker for things that are feminine and pretty.  What I am trying to say is that I have more dishes than you can shake a stick at.  Guilty as charged.  The bad thing is I’m always finding more that I want.  Once a friend said that she knew someone who was selling 300 settings of antique china.  Full settings.  Yes, I wanted to buy them.  I didn’t though…I seriously considered it…but didn’t.  This is why I needed a china cabinet.

I was happy to have my old 70’s looking china cabinet, for a while.  Then I started thinking man I wish I could make that thing over.  The significant other always says no.  No matter what the change is he says no.  He hates change.  So I did what any woman dead set on getting her way does…I waited for him to go on a business trip.  He left.  The Queen Bee came over.  The rest is history.

Did I mention that this was a little bit of 70’s (bad 70’s no less) heaven.  Big brown fake wood, etched glass doors, you get the picture.  It comes in two pieces.  Two very heavy pieces.  Which we had to unstack to prepare for our mission.

We got started by prepping the fake wood.  We did this my rubbing it down with liquid sand paper.  It worked well.  It roughed up the surface to prepare it to take paint.  Sanding it would have ruined the fake wood finish to the point that it would have went from makeover to a major overhaul.  Once the surface was ready we painted it white.  I have to admit, I thought I might lose my life painting this fake wood white.  I don’t know what it is exactly with the male species, but if it has a wood grain, even a fake wood grain, they freak out when you talk about painting it.

This next part was really the fun part.  We took the etched glass doors and painted the back side (the side that faces in) with mirror paint.  Then we distressed it with water and newspaper to make it look like antique mirror.  When we were finished it looked like antique etched mirrored doors.  Which hides all the hording of dishes that is behind them.

The original cabinet had fake brass hinges and door pulls.  We painted those with silver metallic paint to modernize the look of the fixtures.

Finally, we put it all back together and the tired old cabinet had a new lease on life.  One friend said she thought the finished product had the look of pottery barn.  I’ll take that.  Especially, since we got that look very inexpensively.  If you like this makeover, you might check out other projects that the QB and I have done:

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Until next time believe in your vision even if you have to be sneaky to make it happen, always have a partner in crime, and as always stay glamorous.

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