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Trending Tuesday – Guide to Resale Shopping

Hello everyone and welcome to this issue of Trending Tuesday.  Today we are talking about resale shopping.   This is a passion of mine.  Why?  Well, I love designer fashion, but I absolutely hate the designer price tag.  If you talk to people about the concept of not paying full price for a vehicle they totally understand it.  They buy a used car at least one model year old, so they don’t incur the depreciation of driving a new car off of the lot.  I have a similar mindset when it comes to designer clothing.  I don’t understand why everyone doesn’t understand this concept.  I let someone else pay full price for it.  I just have more patience, and can pay resale prices a year or two later.

This allows me to wear brands like Ferragamo, St. John, Stuart Weitzman, Gucci, and Tori Burch.  I am able to have the luxury of the brands that I want without the stress on my budget.  Once upon a time I was complaining about something to my significant other.  He said there is not a better dressed woman in town, what are you expecting from yourself?  I had to stop and take heed.  He was right.  I was able to wear beautiful clothes like Dolce &Gabbana and Versace.  Who does that in a town of 50,000, and on a budget?  Only one savvy diva.  Yeah that’s me.

Now, some people have a hang up about wearing something that someone else has already worn.  There are obviously some articles of clothing that I wouldn’t purchase second hand, but you just have to be sensible about it.  If you are one of those people who have an aversion to wearing something someone else has owned then obviously resale is just not for you.  To the rest of you, here are my rules that make it work for me.

Rule number one.  Buy statement pieces and classics.  Don’t buy trendy items.  I spend less on trends.  For example, let’s say emerald green is the hot trend, it’s everywhere that year.  I would buy a designer staple item, and then I would mix in a hint of emerald green with it.  Maybe it is an emerald green layering piece with a designer suit.  Or maybe it is emerald green accessories with a designer staple sheath dress.  I still look on trend, but I didn’t spend my money following the trend.  Next season, when hot pink is the trend I can buy an inexpensive hot pink scarf, shell or whatever, mix it is with those same staple items, and look like I’m on trend.  Believe me no one will notice.  They will only notice that you always look like you are in the latest style…because you are.

Rule number two.  If you don’t buy designer brands, that’s ok, you can still resale shop.  Just a word to the wise, don’t buy brands sold at discount stores.  One, they don’t hold up well to laundering.  Two, they aren’t usually made well so the fit is odd.  Three, most of the time if you shop a sale at a discount store you can buy the item cheaper than you can resale.  There just isn’t a good reason to buy discount brands resale.

Rule number three.  Shop everywhere.  People always ask me, where do you shop?  I tell them I shop everywhere.  There is no store off limits.  I will look at thrift, resale, department stores, and boutiques.  Basically, anywhere they sell clothing.  I am telling you this because I have found Gucci and St John at thrift stores.  If I had a rule that I wouldn’t consider looking there I would have never found these little treasures.  Keep an open mind.

These are just some of my main game plan rules for how to shop resale.  I hope you enjoyed them and will put them use very soon.  Until next time…shop ‘til you drop, but don’t break the bank…and as always stay glamorous.

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