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Trending Tuesday – Port St Joe Florida

Welcome to Trending Tuesday.  Today’s edition is about a little gem called Port St Joe Florida.  It’s very close to Cape San Blas.  Read more about my visit to the cape here:  Trending Tuesday – Cape San Blas

While the cape is all about the beach, Port St. Joe is all about Florida living at its finest.  It is a quaint little town with a rich history.  Once a busy port town on the Emerald Coast, it is now more of a place to rest and recharge.  The great thing about this little town is that their district makes it very easy to walk everywhere.  There is shopping, eateries with al fresco dining, and attractions in close proximity.

While walking down the street of their main shopping district, I found many little treasures.  There is a wonderful small art gallery, featuring local Florida artists.  I was in heaven looking at the beautiful paintings, jewelry, and art pieces that are mostly beach inspired.  My favorites are always the creations featuring mermaids.  As I wondered along the line of shops, I came across the cutest little store.  It was called the Boutique by the Bay.  It was really fun, affordable clothing, perfect for going out on a beautiful Florida night.  Of course, I said yes to a dress.

Speaking of going out on a beautiful Florida night, one evening I had dinner at the marina.  They have a covered, pet friendly, section of outdoor seating, where they provided refreshments for our furry dining companions.  It was so picturesque watching the sunset on the water, and there is something soothing about watching the boats return to the marina for the evening.  When you are there try their oysters, it is what they are known for, and their fresh seafood.  Make sure you have a glass of sweet tea also because, let’s face it, it is the specialty of the south.

Sweet tea is just part of the culture of the south.  The Queen Bee comes back home, after her visits there, and orders a sweet tea or a half and half and the waiters just stare at her blankly.  At this point I say, “Toto you aren’t in Kansas anymore”.  Then, I turn to the waiter and say, “she would like an iced tea please”.  I know, I know, but it happens (hand on heart, and the other raised to heaven).

Whatever you do, DO NOT leave Port St Joe without eating at the Sunset Coastal Grill.  It features a dining room full of windows with a view of the bay.  I highly recommend that you try the crab stuffed shrimp, they were to die for… and the hush puppies.  Oh my.  They were by far the best I’ve ever eaten.  Great food, and classic Florida atmosphere.

After eating at the Sunset Coastal Grill, I took a walk to the lookout shelter on the water.  Such a pretty view!  The old lighthouse from the Cape was relocated here.  You can stand in the shelter, look over at the lighthouse, and it reminds you that you are really in paradise.

Port St Joe was just such a wonderful little find, and I look forward to visiting again.  I must tell you that I have not been compensated in any way for this post.  I just always want to share something amazing with you when I experience it.  I hope you have enjoyed this Trending Tuesday.  Until next time… remember, life’s a beach, and as always stay glamorous.

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